SouthWest UU Women

A message from your SWUUW President

My SWUUW Sisters,

I am broken hearted, as are many women in this country who yearn to take our rightful place with dignity and with the respect due to us. It is difficult to grasp hope when feeling hopeless… and I certainly have had my moments of feeling hopeless this week. But our work is in moving ever forward, in finding our voice and using it, in standing firm and refusing to be seated at the back of the bus. We follow in the footsteps of the women who have marched for human rights and dignity generation after generation. It is most important to stand up, stand up.  But let us also remember, please, though many leaders have not taken the high road. . . let us go high, as our First Lady encourages.  Let us also stand up against violence, rioting, bullying, insults, defacing property. Let us embrace peaceful protests and follow the inspiration of Standing Rock Tribe.

I trust there is a way for our voices to ring loud and true, and our work be ever successful as we continue to support human rights and care for the earth. Please make an effort to join us in grief, in work, in brainstorming, and in revitalization at our upcoming SWUUW Conference as we focus on justice. Our registration process will begin within the next week or two and you will receive an email when we go live.  Please register early as our conference is a little earlier this year.

Remember. . . we are not powerless.  This election does not change our responsibility. . . or our ability to respond.

In sisterhood,

Debbie Cannatella
2016-2017 SWUUW President


SouthWest UU Women's Conference

Women and Teens 13 and older, join us for an inspiring weekend. Speakers, music, worship, workshops, vendors, fellowship and fun!

at the Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities in Dallas, Texas

Early Registration $190 before 1/01/2017

Registration $225 from 1/1 though 1/28.

Final deadline January 28

Greetings from Conference Convener Carol Currie:

Dallas is part of a gigantic metroplex and has a consistent energy about it.  We Women at Dallas First Unitarian Church create a part of that energy.  It is our pleasure to invite you to join us here where we will raise the Feminine Energy to new heights and learn new ways to share it with our world while still caring for ourselves.  Join us, and become part of “Hearts and Hands Joining for Justice!”



Helen BondKeynote speaker

Helen Bond

Percussionist of intricate melodies and polyrhythms of West African music / teacher / storyteller / humanitarian and winner of 2015 Jack Benny Arts and Humanities Award. Helen is the Executive Director of Motherland Rhythm Community and the co-founder of the Benkadi Project.

Motherland Rhythm Community is an official 501c3 with Benkadi being part of the work with Motherland Rhythm Community. The Community also offers drum circles, performances and scholarships to classes in the USA. Helen will be sharing her stories of working toward justice, envisioning possibilities of weaving music with humanitarian work, and exploring how we can bring our individual desire for justice into our own communities for the good of all.

Helen’s keynote presentation will be Saturday morning and she will lead drumming workshops on Saturday afternoon.

Listen to the NPR Interview with Helen Bond and Amy Lusk.


Going Native GirlsGoing Native is a terrific new vocal group with three awesome women at its heart.  Lisa Mensing – lead singer/rhythm guitar, True Turner – multikeyboardist and LaDonna Goetz – lead guitar/vocals will make you want to Rock and Roll.  Each of these talented women started doing music at an early age. With True bouncing between keyboards and the vocal harmonies of LaDonna and Lisa, we are in for an unforgettable night of rhythm and dancing.

The band as a whole is unmatched in the entertainment industry.

Going Native will perform Saturday night after dinner.  They’ll also lead a workshop on Saturday afternoon.