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My SWUUW Sisters,

I am broken hearted, as are many women in this country who yearn to take our rightful place with dignity and with the respect due to us. It is difficult to grasp hope when feeling hopeless… and I certainly have had my moments of feeling hopeless this week. But our work is in moving ever forward, in finding our voice and using it, in standing firm and refusing to be seated at the back of the bus. We follow in the footsteps of the women who have marched for human rights and dignity generation after generation. It is most important to stand up, stand up.  But let us also remember, please, though many leaders have not taken the high road. . . let us go high, as our First Lady encourages.  Let us also stand up against violence, rioting, bullying, insults, defacing property. Let us embrace peaceful protests and follow the inspiration of Standing Rock Tribe.

I trust there is a way for our voices to ring loud and true, and our work be ever successful as we continue to support human rights and care for the earth. Please make an effort to join us in grief, in work, in brainstorming, and in revitalization at our upcoming SWUUW Conference as we focus on justice. Our registration process will begin within the next week or two and you will receive an email when we go live.  Please register early as our conference is a little earlier this year.

Remember. . . we are not powerless.  This election does not change our responsibility. . . or our ability to respond.

In sisterhood,

Debbie Cannatella
2016-2017 SWUUW President

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