SouthWest UU Women

SWUUW Conferences - Our Story 1987-2014

SWUUW has a long herstory of gathering UU women in our District to experience the power in our being together and telling our stories. Here is a list of the annual Conferences we have presented:


2015 - San Marcos, TX

Our Sacred Springs

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker


2014 - Tulsa OK
The Power of Story

Kelli McLoud-Schingen


2013 - Corpus Christi, TX
Making Waves on a Sea of Change
Kimberly Dark


2012 - Clear Lake City, TX
Exploring the UUniverse of Women’s Spirituality
Rev. Meg Barnhouse


2011 - Dallas, TX
Generation Nexxt
Rev. Tamara Lebak (keynote speech read in absentia)


2010 - Dallas, TX
In the Name of Love
Gini Courter


2009 - Houston, TX
First International Convocation of UU Women
Weaving Global Partnerships to Enrich Women’s Lives
Many Theme Speakers


2008 - Little Rock, AR
Riversong: Flowing with the Creative Spirit
Carolyn McDade


2007 - Mo Ranch, TX
She’s Got the Whole World in Her Hands: Women Spirit in Action
Rev. Dr. Dorothy May Emerson


2006 - Fort Worth, TX
Discovering What We Know
Rosemary Matson


2005 - Houston, TX
She Changes Everything She Touches and Everything She Touches Changes
Margot Adler 


2004 - Oklahoma City, OK
Praising Tara: Empowering Ourselves
Tara Dhatu by Prema and Anahata


2003 - Austin, TX
Becoming Wonder Women; Weaving Wonder in our Lives
Nancy Franklin


2002 - Fort Worth, TX
Gather the Spirit, Weaving Our Lives
Cristina Biaggi


2001 - Little Rock, AR
Women in Their Natural State
Central HS 1957: UUWomen Saved the Day

2000 - Dallas, TX
In Our Wildest Dreams
Kathleen Sullivan


1999 - San Antonio, TX
Mira! Women with Wings
Sarah Weddington


1998 - Oklahoma City, OK
The Art of the Heart
Victoria Stone


1997 - Houston, TX
Cycles and Rhythms: Winter as Mother of the Night
Luisah Teish 


1996 - Memphis, TN
Dancing the Circles of Life
Mary Lou Awiakta


1995 - Austin, TX
She Changes Everything She Touches
Betty Sue Flowers


1994 - Shreveport, LA
CommUUnities of Womyn: Celebrating Our Pathways to Wholeness
No Theme Speaker


1993 - Oklahoma City, OK
The Rhythms of Life, Heroine's Journeys
No theme speaker


1992 - Dallas, TX
Coming Home: Reunion of Body and Spirit
Dr. Cynthia Grant Tucker


1991 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reclaiming our Power as Women
Rev. Rebecca Parker


1990 - Houston, TX
Celebration of Sisterhood
Merlin Stone


1989 - San Antonio, TX

Woman Spinning: Sparkling, Swirling, Spiraling
Rev. Greta Crosby


1988 - Dallas, TX
Sacred Times Sacred Places
Rev. Carolyn Owen-Towle


1987 - Midland, TX
UUWomen: Past, Present, and Future
Rev. Donna DiSciullo & Priscilla Baird Hinckley



You can also read the details of some of our recent conferences in Past Conferences.