SouthWest UU Women

Workshops 2019

Workshop selections will be filled in the order they are received.

Workshop Selections

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Saturday Morning Workshops, Session AM 1: 10:30 AM - 11:50 AM

AM 1 A - "NIA - Neuromuscular Integrative Action aka Non Impact Aerobics" - Malinda Zarate

A dynamic body-mind-spirit movement practice. A gentle and enjoyable workout that draws inspiration from many types of dance and includes movements from yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. NIA has been referred to as Non Impact Aerobics because jumping and pounding on knees has been eliminated. It is effective and fun and anyone at any age at any fitness level can do it. NIA is typically done in bare feet. You may wear exercise shoes or socks if you prefer. Dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared to sweat, smile and have fun.

AM 1 B - "Creating Our UU Legacy" - Liz Nielsen

In 1953 Caroline Veatch passed away and left a legacy that has not only sustained Unitarian Universalism but has funded organizations and causes that promote our UU principals throughout the world. While most of us do not have the good fortune to have inherited millions of dollars like Ms. Veatch, we can all pass on a legacy that promotes our UU values. In this presentation, Liz Nielsen, a Board-Certified Estate Planning Attorney, will talk about how our UU values can be passed to future generations through estate planning.

AM 1 C - "Peace and Healing Through Expressive Visual Art Journaling" - Jessica Lane

This hands-on workshop will give participants a brief introduction to the art of journaling using Mixed Media techniques and to Expressive Art and Healing Methods. The 7 principals of UU will be woven into thoughtful art journal spreads. Instruction will be a step by step process guiding you through until you are confident enough to make your own pages. Participants will receive an art journal and some supplies to take with them.

AM 1 D - "Human Design: The Art of Self Reflected Crystalline Consciousness" - Susan Blattner

This very informative workshop can transform your life by changing the way you make decisions. Human Design is a way to differentiation and the fulfillment of purpose! This class will cover a Brief History of Human Design and provide you with your unique Body Graph (please email the following information to after you submit your registration: Full Name, Birth Month, Day, Year, Birth Time (approx if unknown), Birth City, State, Country). You will also have an opportunity to discuss and interpret the Body Graph outlining Types, Strategies, Authorities, Signatures, Not-Self, Auras, Gates, Channels, and Soul Purpose/Cross of Incarnation. Q & A time for understanding your unique Body Graph, as a visual representation of the sum total of your human possibilities and energies.

Saturday Early Afternoon Workshops, Session PM 1: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

PM 1 A - "Community Drum Therapy" - Denise Marion

This drumming circle will begin with simple techniques and rhythms to build confidence in novice drummers and will continue until a joyful awesome sound is created. You only need a beating heart and clapping hands to have rhythm. Feel the therapeutic effects of the percussion as is touches your primal subconscious. Benefits include improved listening and communication, personal growth and empowerment, and a sense of group synergy and cohesion. Instruments will be provided or you can bring your own. Flutes and recorders are welcome.

PM 1 B - "Visions of Peace and Healing" - Lynn Murphy

Sometimes taking small steps towards activism are important. Where do we begin? How do we become involved in activism which can then lead to a sense of peace and healing in our own world and in the world of others? We will first start by sharing our own experiences and questions. We will focus on three areas: 1) black lives matter, 2) women's voices matter, and 3) earth/environment matter. Then we will share how our activism can bring a sense of peace and healing in our own lives and to the lives of others. Next, we will create our own buttons and placards as we take the next step of showing the public our activism and small steps we are now ready to take. We will end our session by enjoying singing to songs of peace and justice.

PM 1 C - "Dance Yourself for Healing and Peace/Collective Art Creation" - Ana Coutinho

Using the arts of music, dance, painting, photography, and poetry and inspired by the magic of the movies, the group will create a way to share our combined beauty with each other, healing our hearts and souls through the creation of collective art. This experience is very gentle, and suitable for people with disabilities. Come in comfortable clothes and barefeet or with jazz shoes. Our completed art creation will be shared with all conference attendees.

PM 1 D - "Color/Doodle/Meditate" - Carol Stanfill

Coloring books and drawing materials aren't just for kids! Coloring, doodling, drawing... all can be relaxing, meditative, and also metaphors for life. Zentangle (c) will be introduced as an especially great way to meditate. 

Saturday Mid-Afternoon Workshops, Session PM 2: 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

PM 2 A - "Shared Leadership" - Gretchen Ohmann

A Train-the-Trainer workshop which teaches the concrete group facilitation process of the Circle Model of Shared Leadership to hone participatory group process skills. These make it possible to teach this method effectively so it can be put into practice quickly. It presents the core ideas of Shared Leadership, and provides written material and resources that are concise and ready to use when teaching others. Most importantly, participants in this program will be empowered to take the Shared Leadership model into their congregations and committees and utilize the process of consensus decision-making.

PM 2 B - "The Divine Alchemy of the Andean Orchid Flower Essences" - Star Riparetti

Flower essences can help us tremendously during these changing times! Learn what flower essences are, how they work, how to use and choose them and how to incorporate essences into your life. See stunning photos of the Andean Orchid flower essences, and learn their healing qualities. See a beautiful slide show of where these essences were made in Machu Picchu, Peru. We will experience the essences during the workshop, and have fun along the way.

PM 2 C - "The Power of Unified Breath and Sound" - Jacqueline Parker

The workshop begins with all participants joining in a circle as one. Next, simple yoga stetching exercises to relax muscles and release tension in the body. After that you will practice a breathing exercise that will lead to becoming a group in unified breathing. Then the group will learn simple toning to bring sound into and through their bodies. That's followed by listening to varied and pleasurable sounds by Alchemy Crystal bowls and gongs. There will be five to ten minutes of silence before gathering in small groups to share individual experiences. Some journaling time will also be provided. To close, the group will reform the circle of one.