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SWUUWCon 2008

Five - 4 - Five
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Other events to anticipate at this year's SWUUW conference include…

    Theme Presentation by "Spirit of Life" Songwriter Carolyn McDade!
    23 Great Workshop Offerings!
    Enriching Opening & Closing Ceremonies!
    Downtown Little Rock "2nd Friday Night Gallery Art Walk"!
    Friday Night "UU Social Gathering" hosted by UUCLR!
    Tours of The Clinton Library and Heifer International!
    Relaxation in the Red Tent Room!
    Chair Massages by "Touching America "
    Sensational Shopping at the Artists' Bazaar
    Fun Saturday Night Entertainment provided by  Emily Kaitz
    Four Great Meals (cooked by someone else)!
    Luxurious Lodging at the Peabody Hotel!
    Fabulous Fellowship with Wonderful Women!
    Get away from it all with your friends and/or your daughters!

SWUUWCon 2006

Discovering What We Know

Ceremonies – Workshops – Vendors – Drumming – Dancing – Singing – Sharing – Feasts – Friends

Attend “Discovering What We Know: Celebrating 20 Years of UU Women’s Wisdom” Friday through Sunday, February 24th to 26th at the Doral Tesoro Hotel & Golf Club, Fort Worth, Texas.

Interested in discovering what you know? Ready to delve into the mysteries of Mary Magdala and Interplay? Want yoga, dance and music? These are just a few of the many workshops and events offered at the 20th annual SWUUW Women’s Conference. Our weekend together will be a salute to our past, a time to strengthen our present, and a toast to our future. Join us at this pinpoint in our long and strong SWUUW timeline. As Keynote Speaker, Rosemary Matson has agreed to lead our celebration of wisdom. A self-described mover and shaker, Rosemary has stayed involved in UU women’s issues since the tumultuous ‘70s, and will inspire us with stories of accomplishment over obstacles. We will weave in stories from our local heroines, and welcome your contributions. We have so many stories, and so much to learn from each other. Our celebration of wisdom will include favorite workshops and vendors, great entertainment, and soul-satisfying ceremonies, plus new activities guaranteed for a rich experience. You can register at:

Keynote Speaker: Rosemary Matson. “It surely should be told before it is lost and to help set the record straight. It is important for future generations to know how it all began. Many of us have a piece of the story.” Rosemary Matson begins her memories of the UU Women and Religion Movement with these words that should resonate with all of us. A member of the UU Women’s Federation since its inception in 1963, Rosemary has taken center stage, sometimes literally, in creating and nurturing events that affect UU women, UU men and ultimately our global community. Has anyone ever missed the patriarchal and sexist language in our hymnals, now gone for some 20-odd years? Rosemary had a hand in the text revisions – but let her tell you that story. She can talk about going to Copenhagen with her friend and mentor, Lucile Longview, to the United Nations Mid-Decade Conference on Women, and discovering that every religion in the world was purported to be patriarchal and oppressive to women. In 1980 she co-chaired the Women and Religion Convocation on Feminist Theology in Michigan, where our beloved water ceremony was celebrated for the first time. The current link in her long chain of efforts is the “Unraveling the Gender Knot” curriculum, which explores the religious roots of patriarchy and how myths and traditions perpetuate and promote violence, both physical and psychological.

Rosemary has been honored with a roomful of awards, including the “Ministry to Women” award from the UUWF. Her name has been placed in the Wall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY, the site of the first Women’s Rights convention in 1848. The ACLU, the Baha'is, the United Nations Association and the American Humanist Association have all honored her too. She finishes her memoirs with these words: “I hope that by my writing this much, others will be prompted to write of their own experience. We need to do this. It is an important story.”

We agree. We want to hear it. We want to live it. We want to be a part of the great story of women in our world.

Co-conveners: Brenda Baldwin and Amy Youngblood.

SWUUWCon 2005

Sisterhood is Still Powerful
Houston Area UU Women welcome you to this, the 19th annual conference, sponsored by Southwest Unitarian Universalist Women. The theme of this year’s conference takes us back to halcyon days when we talked of the dawning of the age of Aquarius. All that may seem very far away from where we find ourselves today. So do wear a flower in your hair, and if you have any love beads in the back of your closet, dust them off and bring them to Houston, Texas. We want to rekindle some of that hope and promise we felt in the 60s.

Keynote Speaker: Margot Adler

pdf 2005 SWUUWCon brochure (961 KB)

SWUUWCon 2004

Praising Tara: Empowering Ourselves

Anahata IradahPrema DasaraCO-CONVENERS: Elizabeth Muller, and Kathleen Gilbert
hosted by the women at First UU in Oklahoma City, OK
LOCATION: Oklahoma City Mariott
DATES: Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2004

SPEAKERS: Prema Dasara and Anahata Iradah

THEME: The 21 Praises of Tara

"the embodiment of compassion and wisdom. She is the great mother goddess, swift to assist any who call out to her, overpowering obstacles, dissolving ignorance. She is a deity of [Tibetan] Buddhist Tantra, a potentiality latent within everyone."

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